AIS Joins Football Clinic Sponsored by AIA

by: Makhana Vienna

Last September 15, 2019, Asian Insurance Association (AIA) invited Achievers International School (AIS), Siem Reap International School (SRIS), International School of Siem Reap (ISSR) to a football clinic that was held in Siem Reap Sports Club in cooperation of its global principal partner Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (Spurs), a leading football club in the English Premier League. Two elite coaches from the club came to Cambodia for the said event. 

Aside from the mentioned schools, there were also kids who were registered personally by their parents through the bank, as they are insured in AIA. The kids were divided by their heights and their ages, so they came up with about five groups. The coaches gave instructions for the kids for about two hours, it started at 8:30 in the morning and it ended at 11:00 in the morning. Children came as early as 6:30 because most of them are excited. For the late registrants, they were able to attend the afternoon session. 

The certificate of attendance can be requested personally from the AIA Office in Siem Reap. Try-out match between the participating schools is expected in the future to make it more enjoyable.

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