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The growth of our school has been a joint effort on the part of the School Founders, Leaders, Faculty Members, and the Parents. All have played an integral part that made the Achievers International School what it is today.



All our teachers are transparent, well trained and professional when it comes to handling classroom matters. Together, we are shaping your child’s future. Contact us for more details.



Without the full supervision of our Non-Academic members, we may not be able to fully deliver the best service to all our students. They’re an essential part to our daily success.  


We have 12 professional teachers and teaching assistants that work tirelessly in our school. All our staff are dedicated in providing all students with the quality time. learning opportunities and well managed surroundings. We take immense pride in our work, by giving our best to deliver the highest standards of teaching for our students. We are serious and committed in seeing our students growth and development as a human being. 

We will continue to raise the standards of school, and provide inspirations for all of our students.

"I welcome you with great pride and assurance. We will do our best to provide a caring and secured environment while guiding our students to achieve their best academically, socially, psychologically, physically, and creatively."

Khong Sarithy​

Founder and Director

our environment

Is not as huge, tapered, and concrete as other schools in town, but we assure you that our school may have the best environment that fits our valued students, teachers, and parents. Indulging the quiet environment.

It is a hub in which the students learn and mold their character, and enhance their skills for the future.

In ACHIEVERS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we have abundant greeneries and school camp like grounds with lush fresh surroundings around the area promoting a sustainable, clean, and enriching surroundings for our students, we provide halls that may serve as a playground for our students enjoying the sun.

We also have covered grounds for the rainy season.

We are proud of our fully air-conditioned classrooms and facilities. We made such settings also for scientific and observational purposes of the students learning of the environment outside but still within the school grounds.

Unlike, other schools that are cramped and concrete types that hinder the natural flow for optimal learning of the students.

We also have computer room and library designed to prepare the students in this modern and globalized world, also the school provides car parking and waiting area for the parents.

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mission & vision

To provide high-quality education and childcare in a safe and supportive environment, building a foundation for better potential and life-long learning.

To empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills forwards making a difference.


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