21st Century Education and 21st Century Learners with the current situation calls for a dynamic change, thus AIS delivers quality education through innovation. Our International Standard Curriculum is based, patterned and modelled with British National Curriculum, Cambridge International Education, US Common Core and Oxford Curriculums. Guided and adheres with the principles and philosophies of the Cambodian Ministry of Education, the UNICEF and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

what set us a part from others schools in siem reap?

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1. Effective educational approach

Learning by Doing

Is the best teaching methodology for our students engaging activities. It helps the students experience, cope, and easily recognize things by exploring. The students can have the ability to immediately apply knowledge using our form of teaching. Besides, the bond between teacher and students will be more actively arise using interactions. also, it is an opportunity for learners to apply what they’ve been taught.
in the real- world.

Beyond the Books

Learning must not rely on books, instead of observation, research, and experiments, and participation are the best ways to teach the students.


Experiental Learning

ACHIEVERS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL acknowledges experiential learning, this process is learning through experience. Students are allowed to apply data and ideas in a real-world situation. Learn that there are multiple solutions to challenges, and they are encouraged to seek their unique solution to hands-on tasks. we encourage students to continually discover and learn new things about the world to grow. Experiential education allows the students to explore and learn about a subject in a new way that
is more personally satisfying and meaningful, enhancing our abilities to become fully engaged and passionate about a subject, and topics that need help solving. Hands-on learning allows students to dig deeper and make sense of the world around them, the natural world is an optimal learning environment as it offers ongoing changes to observe, explore to solve and opportunities to think through in creative ways.


teaching method

2. teaching Structure

Reading and Writing

In AIS we make sure that your child’s learning is not just by conversation only but includes in reading and writing as well. we provide them the best and experienced teacher to handle your needs in learning.


Classroom Learning

We promote an open exchange of ideas and face-to-face interaction between the students and the teachers. We also promote socialization among the teachers and the students, peer evaluation, and group activities.


Observational and Experiential Learning

We allow the students to observe and learn the different actions about the topic or the activities and use the information gained to find out how something works and how they can do it by themselves.


Develop Critical Thinking

We prepare learners for self-direction and not pre-conceived roles. Learners must be prepared for thinking their way through the maze of challenges that life will present independently. It involves logic as well as creativity. It may involve inductive and deductive reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving.


Academic Prog

3. our academic programs

We support  “No one should be left behind” thus, we have program for everyone.

  1.  FC –Full  Day Academic Program
  2.  EC – Half Day English Academic Program
  3.  FCK –  Full English and Khmer Curriculum 



4. our academic calendar

Our Calendar runs for:

  1.  40 Weeks,
  2.  195 Academic and Scholastic Days.
  3.  Two Semesters with Four Terms
  4.  Full Day Program
  5.  Half Day Program



5. our blending learning approach

Also known as Learning Management System or Instructional Methodology

The current situation calls for dynamic change , thus, we at AIS  delivers quality education through innovation. We will be using innovative blended learning.



6. our program affiliations

As a law abiding institution, we operate with guidance and adherences with Kingdoms Education Laws , we work closely with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MOEYS), UNICEF, WHO and gears towards the achievement of UN Sustainable Goals of which Cambodia is a signatory.

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